GVSU Digital Collections include highlights from the Special Collections & University Archives holdings, as well as resources created by or held by other entities within the University.

Detail of a photograph of troops lining up from the Grand Valley State University Veterans History Project

Young Lords in Lincoln Park

Interviews, photographs, papers, and clippings highlighting the ongoing struggle for fair housing, self-determination, and human rights that was launched by Mr. José "Cha-Cha" Jiménez in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Detail of a painting in the Civil War and Slavery Collection at Grand Valley State University

Civil War & Slavery Collection

Diaries of a surgeon, an artillery officer, and a fruit farmer; correspondence between government officials and a Whig political appointee; slavery documents, and other Civil War era personal and political correspondence.

Ariel photograph of Grand Valley State University

GVSU Photographs

People, places, and events of Grand Valley State University from its founding in 1960 as a 4-year college in western Michigan.

A detail from a Grand Valley State University Yearbook

GVSU Publications

Publications created by and for the students, faculty, and administration of Grand Valley State College (1960–1987) and Grand Valley State University (1987–present).

Detail of a photograph of troops lining up from the Grand Valley State University Veterans History Project

Veterans History Project

Interviews with veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, conflicts in the Middle East, and other veterans and civilians collected by the GVSU History Department begun in conjunction with the Library of Congress.

Detail of a photograph of a World War II aircraft from the Grand Valley State University Veterans Collection

Veterans Collection

Highlights from papers of WWI and WWII veterans generated, in part, through the Grand Valley History Department’s involvement in the Library of Congress Veteran’s History Project.

Logo for Kaufman Interfaith Institute

Kaufman Interfaith Institute Collection

Collections of sermons, writings and other materials created by leaders of the interfaith movement in West Michigan, collected by the Kaufman Interfaith Institute at Grand Valley State University.

A detail from a 15th-century printed book in the Grand Valley State University Special Collections

Incunabula (15th Century Printing)

Books, single sheets, or images printed in Europe the first fifty years following the invention of printing from moveable type (ca. 1450–1500).

A detail from a fore-edge painting in the Grand Valley State University collection

Fore-Edge Paintings

Miniature watercolors executed on the fanned edges of a book that disappear when the book is closed. This genre of painting dates from the 1500s and flourished in the 1800s.

Detail of a photograph of two men in the Southwest United States in the D.J. Angus Photograph collection

D.J. Angus Photographs

An extensive photographic record of Angus’ work and travels throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Images reflect the photographer’s interest in engineering projects, ancient civilizations, natural phenomena, and family and friends.

Detail of a photograph of D.J. Angus shooting a film

D.J. Angus Moving Pictures

Clips from movie films taken by D.J. Angus’ and friend Robert B. Annis during their travels to Florida, Niagara Falls, Michigan, Indiana, the Smoky Mountains, throughout the North and Southwest, and Mexico from 1931–1935.

Detail from Mathias J. Alten Painting

Mathias J. Alten

Photographs and personal papers from one of Michigan’s most significant painters, Mathias J. Alten (1871–1938), are combined with images of Alten paintings owned by the University.

Detail of a decorated publishers binding in the collection of Grand Valley State University

Decorated Publishers Bindings

Commercial book covers designed and issued by publishers from the early 1870s to roughly 1930.

Detail of the Former Bicycle Factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the Johnson Center for Philanthropy has its offices

Johnson Center Philanthropy Archives

Interviews with Michigan philanthropists and highlights of collections from the Johnson Center Archives of philanthropy and philanthropists in the State of Michigan.

A slide showing the black sillouette of a battleship against a white background

US Navy Recognition Training Slides

Slides developed during World War II as a training tool, for top-side battle-station personnel on board ship and for all aircraft personnel, by the US Navy.

A detail of a Joseph Sparks woodcut print of a lumberjack atop a pile of felled pine trunks

The Pine Tree in Michigan

The Pine Tree in Michigan depicts the drama of Michigan’s pine woods in twenty-six block prints carved by the artist, Joseph Sparks, from his original sketches.

Detail of a Heritage Hill postcard of Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Oral Histories

Taped and transcribed interviews conducted in the early 1970s primarily of the children and grandchildren of many of the founders of Grand Rapids residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Detail of a watercolor of Seidman House, Grand Valley State University drawn by Meathe, Kessler, & Associates around 1962

Finding Aids

Guides created to describe the contents of collections in the Grand Valley State University Special Collections & University Archives. Special Collections materials focus primarily on Michigan regional history and culture.

The emblem of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was started by Philip Wrigley, owner of the Chicago Cubs, during World War II to fill the void left by the departure of most of the best male baseball players for military service.

Detail of a publication by Insel-Bücherei

Insel-Bücherei series

The German publishing company Insel Verlag was founded in 1899 by Anton Kippenberg in Leipzig. In its early years the firm printed expensive, beautifully-produced volumes until demand led to publication of the more modest Insel-Bücherei series in 1912.

The Honors Institute for Young Scientists

The Honors Institute for Young Scientists (HIFYS) was established to encourage an interest in science in high school students in the late 1950s. It provided a competitive scholarship to an advanced summer educational program in science and math in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

Detail of a postcard of the U.S. Dreadnaught Michigan published by the Valentine Souvenir Company, New York

U.S.S. Michigan

The name U.S.S. Michigan has been shared by 3 vessels in the United States Navy. This collection focuses on the U.S.S. Michigan (Battleship BB-27), but includes articles, images, and memorabilia of all three vessels.

Detail of a patriotic envelope in the Grand Valley State University Libraries collection

Patriotic Envelopes

The “patriotic envelope” was a war-time propaganda phenomenon produced by both the North and the South during the Civil War. Patriotic envelopes depict battles, flags, eagles, political satire, and caricatures political figures.